2019 Winners

Best Feature

TECHNICOLOUR DAYDREAM directed by Mitch Hudson

When 12-year-old Clark finds out that his family is about to be uprooted from their house, he and his friends try to win a film contest to save his home.

Best Short

TIN CAN directed by Pat Battistini

A former rodeo clown searches for a new life after a life changing incident.

Best Documentary


The story of women's suffrage in the South is rarely told - even though the fate of the whole country depended on it.

Best Animation

FIRST COMES LOVE directed by Daniel Ceballos

"First Comes Love" is the story of a shy boy, Eric, who is dragged through stages of "marriage" by an obsessive girl, Zoey, all throughout the course of recess.

Best Homegrown

TEDDY’S PARTY directed by Cam Logan

An ultra-friendly store clerk throws a party to impress his crotchety grandfather and to win over the girl of his dreams.

Best Screenplay

GRACE LAND by Bonnie-Kathleen Ryan

A southern mom's picture perfect life is turned upside down by her seven year old daughter's belief that she's the reincarnation of Elvis Presley.

Grand Jury Award

LITTLE THINGS directed by Adrian Nuño, Andrew Nuño

A young woman walks about her hometown one evening in search of meaning for her life.

ARE YOU VOLLEYBALL? directed by Mohammad Bakhshi

A group of Arabian spoken asylum seekers arrive to an English spoken country border and can't keep going. They conflict with border soldiers everyday till a deaf-mute baby becomes a catalyst for better communication between two groups.

THE BUSKER KID directed by Kevin Durr

After inheriting his grandfather's marionette, a young man endeavors to keep his memory and legacy alive by becoming a street performer.

KEEP THE ENGINE RUNNING directed by Tim Johnson

Two corrupt, undercover cops weigh the risks of their next score.