What to Expect


Hands-on Approach

These classes and workshops aren’t just theory. You actually get to shoot and edit your own project! Using our cameras, mics, and equipment that are top of the line.

Classes and Workshops

Ever wanted to learn how to make a movie? Well this is your chance. We host classes and workshops throughout the year teaching you and letting you make your own films.

Award-Winning Instructors

We have access to some amazing instructors. They’ve appeared in major motion pictures and TV shows and have made award-winning projects of their own!

Amazing Facilities

The Institute has partnered with The University of South Carolina-Aiken and host various classes and workshops on their fantastic campus!




Get Involved

We’d love for you to lend your time and talents! Are you particularly good in an area of film making? Well we’d love to have you come teach a class!



The Institute will be for all ages and all kinds of people who want to learn more about the art of film making and all of the different elements that it entails. We’ll announce when signup’s are open!



We can always use resources, be it whatever. Even things you think are junk can become a prop in a film. If you want to donate money, it is tax-deductible!


We’ve worked with hundreds of kids

Through our films camps and partnering with like minded organizations by supplying community film kits available to all. Those kits were made possible by your generous support of the Southern City Film Festival.