Film Festival / Institute / Production

“We judge our success not on money but by your enjoyment level!”

The Southern City Institute is dedicated to the education and promotion of the arts by celebrating film through the Southern City Film Festival. SCFF seeks to create venues in the community to encourage education, artistic expression, and acknowledge emerging filmmakers from around the world and within our community.

Film Festival

“It all starts with an idea”

Southern City was founded in 2015 and put on its first film festival in the fall of 2016 in Aiken, SC. FilmFreeway awarded the inaugural film festival their “Top 100 Film Festivals” award. The Southeast is so rich with talent from all mediums that we wanted a place to showcase and celebrate that talent. We firmly believe in our motto ‘It all starts with an Idea’ because we think all great things originally just stem from an idea. We want to see and reward your ideas in the 2017 Southern City Film Festival.


“A place just for you”

We are so excited about the Southern City Institute and how it will benefit the local youth and aspiring actors, writers, producers, and filmmakers in the area who need a place to learn and grow in the craft. The Southern City Institute worked with over 200 kids and adults in our first year making 9 films!


“Emmy® Nominated Production”

Southern City Productions will be your one stop shop for all your production needs. We understand production can cost a lot of money, but we’re here to work with you and give you the best possible product at the best possible price! We keep costs low by being able to do every step in-house, from writing all the way to delivering you the DVD!

Board of Trustees

  • Richard Herring
  • Karen Guevara
  • Jim Anderson
  • Lindsey Wheelon
  • Mary Claire Millies
  • Blane Bailey
  • Justin Wheelon

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