2019 Schedule


Friday Feb 22nd

Day 1: Join us as we kick off SCFF2019!! You do not want to miss the opening night party presented by TITOS® Vodka! Don’t miss live music, great food, tasty cocktails, and so much more!


Saturday Feb 23rd

Day 2: We have a ton of amazing films today and some great workshop and networking opportunities for everyone!


Sunday Feb 24th

Day 3: The films aren’t over yet, we have some great features, documentaries, animation, shorts, and homegrown films today!

And you don’t want to miss the OSCARS® Watch Party tonight!

2019 Films


Feature Films

THE ASTRONOT directed by Tim Cash (Saturday 5pm-6:30pm)

How Daniel longed to touch the moon. With Sandy's help, he'd reach the stars.

TECHNICOLOUR DAYDREAM directed by Mitch Hudson (Saturday 8:30pm-10pm)

When 12-year-old Clark finds out that his family is about to be uprooted from their house, he and his friends try to win a film contest to save his home.

LITTLE THINGS directed by Adrian Nuño, Andrew Nuño (Sunday 12:30pm-2pm)

A young woman walks about her hometown one evening in search of meaning for her life.

SHOOTING IN VAIN directed by Jared Januschka (Sunday 2pm-3:30pm)

Shooting in Vain (SIV) is a stirring, dark story of youthful love, and narcotics.

Documentary Films

WOMAN’S SUFFRAGE: A TALE OF TWO CAROLINAS directed by Marina Poole (Sunday 12:30pm-2pm)

The story of women's suffrage in the South is rarely told - even though the fate of the whole country depended on it. The battle was hard-fought and strategic, and often involved deeply racist tactics on the parts of national leaders and local leaders alike. This is the tale of the North Carolina women battling on both sides of the suffrage fight, and a surprising outcome which still resonates today.

IKU MANIEVA directed by Isaac Ruiz Gastélum (Sunday 12:30pm-2pm)

Two children take refuge in the Sinaloa sierra.

Short Films

THE WANTING directed by Marty McGinley

What if last night you went to sleep in your own bed and tomorrow you woke up and your nightmare was about to become real?

SONG OF HANDS directed by Hamze Zarei

Under the pressure of the traditional and religious environment his father breaks Hiwa’s musical instrument and he’s left picking up the pieces.

ARE YOU VOLLEYBALL? directed by Mohammad Bakhshi

A group of Arabian spoken asylum seekers arrive to an English spoken country border and can't keep going. They conflict with border soldiers everyday till a deaf-mute baby becomes a catalyst for better communication between two groups.

WITH MY OWN TWO HANDS directed by Michaël Barocas

The life of a man through his hands and the ones around him...

PURE JUSTICE directed by Vickie Adams

A female attorney just made partner at the most prestigious law firm in the state. Suddenly she finds herself faced with being disbarred.

PEEK directed by Shannon Silva

A mother and daughter play an unsettling game of hide and seek.

CELLS directed by Raymond Wood

When a reputable doctor finds himself being held captive by a group of masked intruders, he struggles to understand their motives while being forced to answer why billions of dollars go wasted each year in the name of medical research.

TIN CAN directed by Pat Battistini

A former rodeo clown searches for a new life after a life changing incident.

WHOEVER WAS USING THIS BED directed by Andrew Kotatko

A married couple is woken in the dead of night by a mysterious phone call.

THAT SMELL directed by Kyle Lavore

This unusual comedy follows Nate, an awkward man who is pulled into the secret and persecuted world of book sniffing by Trisha, the underground movement's leader.

THE AUDITION directed by Jon Levine

What's it like living next to an actor? This short film will attempt to finally answer the age-old question, "I wonder what my neighbors think?"

THE BUSKER KID directed by Kevin Durr

After inheriting his grandfather's marionette, a young man endeavors to keep his memory and legacy alive by becoming a street performer.

I AM THE PEOPLE, THE MOB directed by Landon Charles Hughes

A short film adaptation of the Carl Sandburg's public domain poetic offering, 'I Am The People, The Mob'.

ONCE UPON A DREAM directed by Anthony Nion

When Valentin meets Ludivine, he is convinced she's the girl he has been dreaming of for the past weeks...literally, the girl of his dreams.

TALE OF THE KITE directed by Michael Fallavollita

A young test pilot finds himself in a mysterious desert region out of contact with his airbase and with little hope of survival.

ROSARIO directed by Marlen Ríos-Farjat

Rosario sees her days go by as caregiver for her ill husband but a struggle has begun between her duty and her own desires.

GREATER GOOD directed by Andrea Ashton

When a pregnant woman receives an unexpected visit from two strangers she is faced with making an unthinkable decision.

MILLENNIALS ANONYMOUS directed by Josh Schendel

A group of 20-somethings come to terms with the addiction ailing them all, the gram.

BEAR directed by Josh Cisewski

A young girl must face her fears when she meets a mysterious gypsy man in the forest who makes her question her father's fables of a fearsome bear in the woods.

STAY WOKE directed by Langston A. Williams

On the eve of an election, the lives of a politician trying to reconnect with the people he once represented, two African American youth frustrated by a recent police killing, and a police officer who desires to do the right thing will all collide.

UNINTENDED directed by Deborah LaVine

Unintended tells the story of the effect on two strangers, a burn victim and a suburban housewife, of an unintentional cruelty.

SEEING GLORY directed by Rick Hamilton

Gloria prepares a feast of the senses for the rapidly ailing Eva in an attempt to share a perfect evening and be seen for the woman she truly is. 

SAMBA BRASILENA directed by Manfred López Grem

A hilariously terrible string of misunderstandings occur when a guy takes his suspicious girlfriend to a fancy hotel suite in order to propose.

PURSUIT directed by Mike Olbinski

When it comes to storm chasing, you can't give up. But that also applies to life. Keep chasing, keep pursuing. Whatever it is. That's the only way to get what you want.

Homegrown (CSRA Only)

TEDDY’S PARTY directed by Cam Logan (Sunday 3:30pm-5pm)

An ultra-friendly store clerk throws a party to impress his crotchety grandfather and to win over the girl of his dreams.

KEEP THE ENGINE RUNNING directed by Tim Johnson (Sunday 3:30pm-5pm)

Two corrupt, undercover cops weigh the risks of their next score. 

HEAT LIGHTING directed by Alec James (Sunday 3:30pm-5pm)

Long after the fall of the modern world, a young couple struggles to find the difference between merely surviving, and truly living.

ACT OF STRING-TH directed by Susan Willis (Sunday 3:30pm-5pm)

The pen may be mightier than the sword, but have you seen the power of a single string?


ICONS directed by Ronnie Cramer (Sunday 12:30pm-2pm)

Five hundred years of world art in five minutes, featuring three dozen iconic works rendered with nylon-tip pen and animated old school style. 

FIRST COMES LOVE directed by Daniel Ceballos (Sunday 12:30pm-2pm)

"First Comes Love" is the story of a shy boy, Eric, who is dragged through stages of "marriage" by an obsessive girl, Zoey, all throughout the course of recess.

Screenplay Competition

GRACE LAND by Bonnie-Kathleen Ryan

A southern mom's picture perfect life is turned upside down by her seven year old daughter's belief that she's the reincarnation of Elvis Presley.

MISCARRIAGE by Jose Vicente Chavez

After a couple experiences a traumatic miscarriage, they receive a mysterious baby at their doorstep that forever changes their lives.

GIRL OUT OF TIME by Jay Falconer 

An orphaned street girl with mysterious time-traveling abilities battles future humans across time and space in a deadly fight for not only her future, but that of humanity's.

EIGHTEEN by Marissa Vonn, Michael Ridley

EIGHTEEN dives headfirst into the tumultuous period of life between being a child and being an adult. It chases two teens as they inch closer to adulthood while learning to handle mounting pressure, escalating feelings, and seemingly insurmountable loss.

100 PROOF WARLOCK by John Leary

A short suspense tale with a twist.